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What to Look For in Government Accounting Software

Managing a local or county government is a big job that requires strict public accountability, organization, teamwork, and efficiency. Along with hiring the best people to fill positions of responsibility, selecting a reliable software system to help manage government accounting is of the utmost importance. If you are in a position of choosing the very best in software to help handle your government’s daily duties, here are some qualities to look for in government accounting software.– General FinancialTaxpayers and citizens are rightfully concerned with the proper use of their taxes and other funds that are channeled into their local governments. When purchasing a software suite, make sure that the financial end of the program is comprehensive enough to be able to handle virtually aspects of money management. For example, it should be flexible enough to be able to generate custom financial reports, take care of billings and payments, and contain an internal auditing system that double checks transactions on an ongoing basis. Individual data bases for every facet of the financial side of government ensure that actions are updated properly and everything runs as smoothly as possible with little room for error.– Human ResourcesIn addition to assisting with general financial matters, the software suite should help a government to manage its employees easily and efficiently. It should be able to organize and take care of payroll, payroll direct deposit, timekeeping, benefits, and every other aspect of human resource financial management.– Facilities managementA good software system will streamline a government’s utilities billing process, making the care of facilities expenses easier and more efficient. You should be able to prorate services, automate meter reading, and even use a billing module to pay bills automatically and directly from the government’s accounts.The government accounting software suite should be user-friendly and intuitive with simple menus that can be easily understood and used by employees with a wide range of computer skills. It should be able to interface with other areas within the accounting department to maximize communication and share data when needed. Of course, there should be security checks in place that restrict access and provide an additional safety net to ensure that all financial transactions are being performed by the proper persons at the right times. People in charge should be able to know what information was changed, when it was changed, and who changed it at the touch of a button.Running a government is difficult enough without having to constantly struggle with the management of its computer systems. Make sure to choose software from a company with a healthy track record of providing incredible products along with excellent service.